My hometown

I was borned in São Bernardo do Campo, but I never lived there, I grow up in Santo André, when I was a baby and Younger and São Caetano, when I was a chield.

My parents changed home many times, and before I left to be married we lived in São Paulo.

But, the most of part I lived in Santo André.

I liked, because i met my principal friends there, and create my career, when I studied in center of the city.

I pass most of time outside home, studying or working.

Santo André is a small city, near of São Paulo, but SCS is smalle. My parents used to visit park or visite many relatives to enjoy. Today I do the same with my daughters.

Santo André looks like a line because it is middle of others cities, I always remember of Parque das Nações, bacause the name of streets are countries.

There are different kinds of industry, my father worked in some of them.

I use to read many books in Saraiva library.

I like the my hometown because makes me fell well, with nostalgic feelings, always that I need go back there.

My parents live there yet, the train is near, in city haven't big buildings than São Paulo, but is a good place to live.