44 years ago

44 years ago I was born, the last two years in the pandemic were very difficult, many changes, many different situations challenging my mental health, but I survived.

I improved my English I made new friends with the "English Friends" group I managed to pay a lot of bills, and this year I still plan to do an exchange in Malta, Europe.

Today I also closed my server on AWS, my last customer who still had my software 'Produto Certo'. End today.

Soon I'll have my name cleared again, after so many years of the bankruptcy of my company "Impactro"

I went back to practicing Kung Fu, and so I intend to take better care of my health.

This is my first post in english still using the translator, but soon i want to do many more.

Thank you to my family, my relatives, and friends, for helping me get this far.

And the next step I will do translate everything to English.